AHF Billboards ask “Sick of STDs?”

AHF’s “Sick of STDs?” billboard and campaign art features that simple question placed as a headline over the image of an unfurled, horizontal condom and drives viewers to the website: www.freeSTDcheck.org.

Despite pandemic-related lockdowns over the past 2+ years that limited in-person contact and isolated many people, researchers found that STD rates in the U.S. were “at their highest numbers,” something also borne out in numbers from many of AHF’s own Wellness Centers.

In October 2021, The Guardian reported that in many jurisdictions in the U.S., public health resources and dollars had been redirected to COVID-19 testing and prevention. The newspaper noted, “… following an artificial dip in STI rates during the Covid-19 pandemic, STI rates are now on the rise again while health funding is still being allocated to address the pandemic.”

This ad campaign aims to remind the viewer to get tested and wear a condom. This message is especially vital while STDs and STIs are on the rise. Please do your part to spread our message far and wide! Share the new campaign on social media and tell your friends to get tested.