AHF Employees Go Above and Beyond

Since the spike of the COVID-19 pandemic, AHF employees have been going above and beyond to make sure our clients are taken care of during this time. To celebrate our staff, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight a few outstanding employees below. 

Susan Carter-Nealy, a nurse practitioner at our Delray Beach HCC, is stepping up and drawing blood for our patients in the absence of an MA in the facility. 

A courier for one of our pharmacies in South Carolina,  Gary Rhett, gathered some friends together to pack lunches and collect hygiene products to pass out to the homeless in downtown Columbia. 

Tania Fils is Director for PHP in Ft. Lauderdale who goes above and beyond to help the provider relations staff. She has been nothing but caring and helpful during this time by making sure her team feels safe and has all the essential resources at their disposal. 

Our Mental Health Team has been going above and beyond during this recent health crisis by continuing to serve patients with virtual therapy. Latisha Barbera, a therapist for our westside and downtown clinics, explains how COVID-19 has been an active topic in many of her sessions. She has been helping patients discover what tools work best for them to keep a healthy state of mind while going through this pandemic.

These are just a select few of the many employees working hard to make sure everyone in our care has access to the proper resources and treatment they deserve, no matter their circumstances.