AHF is Fit for Competition

Fitbit competitions have been in full swing and with AIDS Walk Atlanta and Pride events coming soon, there will be more chances to win big prizes.

How’s your fitness level AHF? In January we teamed up with Fitbit and launched a series of AHF wellness challenges. The goal is to promote physical, mental, and emotional health among AHF staff, and to create fun, cooperative activities for everyone to enjoy. We’ve walked for individual accolades, we’ve stepped up go walk department vs. department, and we’ve even trusted our leaders to come up with competitions for their own teams.

We’re overjoyed by the enthusiasm for the challenges and want to thank everyone who has participated using their FREE Fitbit! We’ve rallied with our coworkers and the competitions are heating up! That means BIG rewards for BIG feats. Florida AIDS Walk and AIDS Walk Atlanta participants will have a chance to win Airpod Pros based on the most steps logged at each event. The staff member with the most individual steps from the two AIDS Walks will claim the grand prize! The winning event and winning walker will be announced in the November newsletter with rejoice-worthy Above & Beyond points dolled out to all participants. But don’t worry about the wait. There will be more Fitbit challenges along the way meaning more chances to win–including May’s raffle competition.

Have you started yet? If you haven’t ordered your Fitbit yet, you still can by visiting www.ahf.org/fitbit. Order your Fitbit, register an AHF account, and join your department challenges. You could be the missing link your team needs to come out on top. Email [email protected] for info.