AHF Together is Back

You might remember when COVID-19 hit, we created AHF Together to come together virtually to share resources, celebrate radical cooperation, and more.

We received positive feedback on the series and have brought it back as a part of the monthly Facts at a Glance email. This is still a space to keep up to date on employee information, resources, and to celebrate teams going above and beyond.

If you have stories or updates you'd like to share, please send them to [email protected]. In good times or bad, AHF staff shines.

Together, we are AHF.


AHF Staff Support Hollywood’s All Black Lives Matter March

AHF Wins the Fight Against Fort Lauderdale’s “No Camping” Law

Thanks to our staff, strategic partners, housing advocates, and legislative affairs team in the Southern Bureau, the City of Fort Lauderdale voted down an ordinance that would criminalize poverty. 

May 2014, the City of Ft. Lauderdale passed one of many “no camping” laws across the country, which, in short, gives law enforcement the right to arrest anyone they see sleeping on the street. The law directly targets the homeless population; the consequences include a 500 dollar fine and up to 30 days in jail if they receive a citation from law enforcement.

Robert McKinzie, FL Commissioner, proposed to expand the measure into late 2019. This is where AHF kicked our advocacy into high gear. Our ongoing efforts included maintaining communication with local city officials, strengthening the relationship with strategic partners, and monitoring a similar ordinance showing up in the future. The final vote took place on May 5th, and the commission voted the extension down with a 3-2 “no” majority. 

This is just one of the many examples of how AHF has been quick to adapt to the times and continued to let our advocacy shine in the best ways we see fit.



AHF Stands With “Flag for All” Coalition to Bring About Change

Sharon Brown, Director of Flag for All Mississippians Coalition stated, “Now Mississippi can embrace a new flag that represents unity and progress. It was humble beginnings back in 2015 when we joined in the fight with our many allies such as AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who knew the importance of joining in the fight to remove this divisive Confederate emblem. I am grateful and truly humbled to the many who spent countless hours with us in this endeavor.”

To read more on the victory click here.


You Can Get Involved in AHF Advocacy Virtually!


Advocacy is at the core of AHF’s mission and even though our ability to come together in person is still limited, we can still effect change virtually. 

In the past months, AHF Advocacy developed the “AHF Cavalry” project, for all AHF staff to get involved and make a difference online. Instructions and guidelines for each advocacy campaign are available through the AHF Intranet website

You can also join our teams weekly “Loop Up” calls where we discuss key issues and how we can amplify our messages to policymakers on housing, drug pricing, access to essential medicines, the 340B drug pricing program, social determinants of health and funding for the domestic and international response to HIV and COVID-19.

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With all 50 states now in some degree of re-opening AHF is transitioning from crisis mode to whatever degree of normalcy is possible. AHF as a whole has performed magnificently. Every division of AHF has earned and deserves high praise. Our core values - particularly being nimble - have really come in handy.

Under our Chief of Medicine Dr. Wohlfieler's  direction one of our immediate adaptations was to convene the COVID Response Team. The responsibility of the team was to evaluate which of our domestic employees was infected or exposed to the virus and when it was safe for them to be at work. Through this process we were able to keep our facilities open while doing everything we could to maintain the safety of our staff. The results speak for themselves. All medical services have been sustained throughout; managers had a resource to consult; and workplace infections were averted.

The individual members of the committee met daily; adopted policy guidelines; spent long hours reviewing each and every case; and were readily available to reassure and consult. CRT was a primary reason that the AHF structure held up so well over the last two months.

So I take this occasion to extend my personal thanks for their hard work and dedication to keeping AHF staff and clients safe while assuring that as front line healthcare workers we continued to serve our clients and fulfill our mission.