Get back in care

Back in Care Campaign

For people living with HIV, remaining in consistent care is vital for good health outcomes. That’s why our newest billboard campaign encourages people to “get back into care.”

The goal of the new ads is to drive patients to and make an appointment with an AHF provider. When people living with HIV are out of care, it irreparably damages the immune system and increases their risk of transmitting the disease to their sexual partner or partners.

The pharmacy sales team is spearheading a vital part of this campaign. They’re working to contact AHF patients who have fallen out of care and ask them what we can do to help them return. AHF’s goal is to get 10% of patients back into care by 2020.

We’re also working to incorporate client feedback regarding wait times and provider turnover into our Healthcare Center operations. We’re optimistic that the steps we’re taking will help with overall client retention and getting 10% of our patients back into care.