“Death” Stops Traffic in Mexico City

Vaccinate Our World (VOW) advocates on Wednesday held a riveting “Death is in Mourning” performance in Mexico City, stopping traffic at two iconic intersections. The public display symbolized how the pandemic has robbed Mexico of its traditional Day of the Dead commemoration and demanded world leaders use the G20 Summit on October 30 to ensure low- and middle-income countries get immediate access to COVID-19 vaccines.

“We’re hurt and saddened by the people we’ve lost—their deaths confirm that no one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe,” said Guillermina Alaniz, Director of Advocacy at AHF Latin America and the Caribbean Bureau. “The pandemic represents an existential threat to global stability, public health, and development. G20 leaders must waive vaccine patents and ensure technology transfers to developing countries to increase global production—the most urgent actions required to Vaccinate Our World.”

Throughout October, VOW activists in Mexico and most of AHF’s 45 countries have conducted numerous vaccine access initiatives ahead of the G20 Summit. Actions included dramatic “die-ins” at vaccine manufacturers’ offices, protests at G20 delegations, letter deliveries to countries’ embassies, and meetings with multiple diplomats worldwide.

“These greedy drug companies must do the right thing—and G20 leaders must demand that they do it right now!” said Terri Ford, Chief of Global Advocacy and Policy at AHF. “This stirring performance was just one of many global VOW protests, including demonstrations at the headquarters of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. G20 countries, including Mexico, must force pharma to share their know-how for these lifesaving vaccines. Enough is enough – enough profit, enough greed – now is the time to do the right thing. Together, we can and will stop this pandemic.”