February Above & Beyond

Submitter: Connie To
Nominee: Razmik Marghosian

Reason: Razmik is always very helpful whenever I have an IT network issue. During audit preparing season, I can always rely on Razmik for answers, information and solutions when I have a SAP network issue. The most current example is Razmik helps me identify why there are RAM and SAP system variances. It helps me to communicate with Manage Care team and to find a solution together.

Impact: Razmik’s position is like a bridge between Finance and Manage Care, OOTC and others. He will help me look at the other systems e.g. Firemaker for OOTC, Health Suite for Manage care and confirm what I see in SAP is correct. Because of Razmik’s help and prompt response, I am able to clean up accounting variances and prepare for AHF audit with a better account reconciliation. Thank you Razmik.

Submitter: Patient
Nominee: Laura Bradford

Reason: Ms Bradford has been a tremendously helpful to me I been in the Ryan white program for almost two years and never received services like me Bradford provided for me it has been a wonderful experience meeting me Bradford she is very good at her job I appreciate her help she went above and beyond for me and provided some education on my Disease which I found extremely helpful and I am thankful for her providing me with different resources for my better health

Impact: Ms Bradford went above and beyond for me I been in this program for almost two years and never received my services until ms Bradford took over my case she has been extremely helpful and provided excellent services I really want to Recognize her Dedication and hard work she is definitely the very best.