The contest is over. Thank you for participating!
You can find the AHF Olympics here!

Are you ready?  Northern vs Southern vs Western!!

In order to promote our documentaries, "KEEPING THE PROMISE" now NARRATED BY ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER MERYL STREEP, and DRUG$ - THE PRICE WE PAY, AHF is having a contest!

Which AHF region will screen one of the AHF documentaries the most, the best, and in the most innovative ways?

This contest is open to sales teams, mobilizers, affinity groups, affiliates, Regional Managers, and any employee who wants to hold a screening.

A screening is an event where you show an AHF documentary to an outside group.

These films represent and recount AHF's historic fight for those living with HIV as well and our current massive battle against the drug industry.

From now through the end of 2018, screen "KEEPING THE PROMISE"now NARRATED BY ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER MERYL STREEP or DRUG$ - THE PRICE WE PAY to earn points for your AHF Region.

Points will be given based on:

  • Number of activations in the region
  • Total number of attendees
  • Marketing strategies
  • Being extra (Q & A, guest speakers, surveys at the end, etc)

Yes, you can merge this with an already planned activation. (WAD, Thanksgiving, Latino Heritage Month, conferences, etc.)

To enter: After your activation you must fill out the entry form below (with photos).

Regions will get gold, silver, or bronze.

The regional leader of the region who wins gold will determine the site/person/group who gets the grand prize (cash)!