Hook Up with AHF Wellness

Thirty-five AHF Wellness Centers are currently open across thirteen states (plus DC), with twelve more operating in five global countries. Our Wellness Centers offer FREE STI and HIV testing, STI and HIV counseling, FREE condoms, PEP and PrEP, and linkage to treatment for any positive results that may occur.

But did you know AHF Wellness Centers can also prescribe PEP and PrEP? And here’s a fun fact, AHF is the largest provider of PrEP in the U.S. As we grow as an organization it’s important that we expand our Wellness services and hours of availability. That’s why AHF just added a Wellness Center to our North Las Vegas Healthcare Center open on Tuesdays, as well as Wellness hours opening at our Healthcare Center in Homestead, FL open on Wednesdays, with more to come. It’s important that our Healthcare Center staff hook up our clients with their Wellness locations and hours by sending them to www.freestdcheck.org.

That extra effort helps us maintain the friendly atmosphere that our Wellness Centers are known for. Our goal is to make STI and HIV testing as accessible as possible. And unlike our Healthcare Centers, Wellness Centers welcome walk-ins. With no appointments necessary to be seen, clients can simply walk into Wellness, register with the Healthvana app, and wait briefly to be seen.

Thanks to easy access, AHF Wellness Centers have helped our organization administer 169,874 HIV tests in 2021 and have helped distribute more than 73 million condoms. Talk about making an impact. An essential part of these accomplishments are the Wellness Center staff who offer a warm and welcoming experience to visitors. Counselors go above and beyond by guiding people through every step the testing process, which puts them at ease. The way we care for patients is what sets AHF apart.

What does Wellness mean to you? Answer this question and send your response to [email protected] with the subject line “Wellness means” to be featured in the AHF Wellness section of our monthly newsletter and score 500 Above & Beyond points!