July 2020 AHF Facts at a Glance– Key Highlights:

JULY 2020 AHF Facts at a Glance– Key Highlights:

Month-over-month changes—AHF clients & staff —JUNE – JULY 2020:

AHF Clients: 

  • As of the July 29, 2020 Global Patient Report, AHF now has 1,422,097 total clients in care.

·      This figure represents a census DECREASE (down 9,564 AHF clients or patients worldwide), month-to-month since the June 30, 2020 Global Patient Report. this slight drop in census was expected as sites continued to submit end of Q2 2020 patient census numbers.·

AHF Staff: 

  • A net increase of 97 AHF employee overall worldwide to 6,627 total AHF employees worldwide, including:
    • An INCREASE of 39 U.S. staff
    • An INCREASE of 45 global staff, and

o   2,256 other AHF-supported staff in global programs (bucket staff, casuals, etc.—increase of 13)

·       This report also includes a breakout of the 2,865 clients now enrolled in our various Positive Healthcare (PHC &PHP) Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs in California, Florida and Georgia (page #2 of “Facts”–PHP = Medicare; PHC = Medicaid).




·       NO new domestic U.S. AHF Healthcare Centers, AHF Pharmacies, AHF Wellness or OTC sites opened in July 2020.


·       AHF’s Global program also now operates 695 global AHF clinics, ADDING a net of two (2) new treatment sites globally. AHF ADDED four (4) new treatment sites in JULY 2020: two (2) in MALAWI; one (1) in SIERRA LEONE and one (1) in the PHILIPPINES. However, we CLOSED one (1) site in RWANDA.



Week of July 31, 2020       
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week:

·       MALAWI — Chikwawa – Chipwaila Health Center

·       MALAWI — Chikwawa – Mapalera Health Center

Week of July 17, 2020       
One (1) new global treatment site was ADDED this week

·       SIERRA LEONE — Panguma Community Hospital Hospital

Week of July 10, 2020       
One (1) new global treatment site was ADDED this week in the PHILIPPINES; one (1) site was CLOSED in RWANDA:

·       PHILIPPINES — Mandaue City Social Hygeine Clinic

·       CLOSED in RWANDA — Nyakigezi Health Centre


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