Los Angeles City Hall Must Reopen to the Public!

AHF’s advocacy team is demanding that Los Angeles City Hall reopen to the public. With City Hall closed, many residents cannot participate in their local government. The current system of over-the-phone participation does not allow enough time for residents to make their voices heard, and Los Angeles politicians must allow its citizens to participate in their democracy. 

With California opening up more every day and COVID-19 cases on the decline there is no longer a justification for locking residents out of City Hall. Citizens have a right to mobilize and make their voices heard in person, AHF will not rest until these rights are restored. Please help us in our efforts to reopen City Hall. You can send an email with just one click and be a part of the solution. 

AHF hopes that our actions in California will influence other states to fully reopen their local governments so that all citizens can participate in their democracy.