March 2019 AHF Key Highlights

Download the March 2019 AHF Facts at a Glance

Key Highlights:

Month-over-month changes—AHF clients & staff— February 2019 – March 2019:
AHF Clients: 

  • As of the March 29, 2019 Global Patient Report, AHF now has 1,152,800 total clients in care.
  • This represents an INCREASE of 37,120 AHF clients or patients worldwide, month-to-month (as of the March 29, 2019 Global Patient Report, up from 1,115,680 in the last ‘Facts’ covering February 2019). This represents an average of 1,235 new patients per day somewhere in AHF’s care around the globe in the 28 days between ‘Facts’ reports.  

AHF Staff: 

  • A net decrease of 206 AHF employee overall worldwide to 6,464 total AHF employees worldwide, including: 
    • A DECREASE of 1 U.S. staff 
    • An INCREASE of 6 global staff, and 
    • 2,324 other AHF-supported staff in global programs (bucket staff, casuals, etc.), reflecting updated numbers (-211) from AHF Europe.
  • This report includes a breakout of the 2,854 clients now enrolled in our various Positive Healthcare (PHC &PHP) Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs in California, Florida and Georgia (page #2 of “Facts”–PHP = Medicare; PHC = Medicaid). NOTE: For the first time, this ‘Facts’ report reflects the removal of PHC Florida patient numbers for Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties due to an action during the contract renewal process last year by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA, and supported by then FL. Gov. Rick Scott) to reassign AHF’s PHC Florida patients—after nearly 20 years in AHF’s care—to a private, for-profit  insurer.


  • The domestic U.S. total of free condoms distributed in 2018 is 4,223,000. 
  • The domestic U.S. HIV testing number for 2018 is 199,975 free HIV tests conducted with 2,048 Positives identified—a 1% positivity rate.
  • The global total of free condoms distributed in 2018 is 62,021,564. 
  • The global HIV testing number for 2018 is 4,672,370 free HIV tests.



  • NO new AHF Healthcare Centers, AHF Pharmacy sites or Out of the Closet stores opened in the U.S. in March 2019.


  • AHF’s Global program also now operates 611 global AHF clinics, ADDING a net gain of thirteen (13) new treatment sites in March 2019.


Week of March 29, 2019         
Three (3) new global treatment site were added this week:

  • JAMAICA — Hanover – Lucea Health Centre
  • JAMAICA — Kingston – Kingston Public Hospital
  • JAMAICA — Trelawny – Duncans Health Centre

Week of March 22, 2019      

Two (2) new global treatment sites were added this week:      

  • LESOTHO—Maseru –  LDF Health Centre
  • LESOTHO—Maseru –  Thamae Health Centre

Week of March 15, 2019      

Seven (7) new global treatment sites were added this week:

  • ETHIOPIA — Gulele – St Paul Hospital
  • ETHIOPIA — Yeka – ACS Addis Ababa Clinic
  • CHINA  — Zhejiang – Jiaxing 1st Hospital
  • CHINA  — Zhejiang – Jinhua Central Hospital
  • CHINA  — Zhejiang – Pingyang 1st Peoples Hospital
  • CHINA  — Zhejiang – Xiaoshan 1st Peoples Hospital
  • CHINA  — Zhejiang – Yuhang 1st Peoples Hospital

Week of March 8, 2019         
One (1) new global treatment site was added this week:

  • LAOS — Khammouane – Khammouane Provincial Hospital