MARCH 2020 AHF Facts at a Glance– Key Highlights:

Month-over-month changes—AHF clients & staff —FEBRUARY to MARCH 2020:

As of March 2020, AHF now has over 1.4 million clients in care around the globe, a mark we passed in mid-March!

AHF Clients: 

  • As of the March 31, 2020 Global Patient Report, AHF now has 1,414,347 total clients in care.
  • This month represents an INCREASE of 29,034 AHF clients or patients worldwide, month-to-month (AHF universe since the February 25, 2020 Global Patient Report)—or an average of 829 patients per day in the AHF universe in the 35 days between Feb 25th and March 31st 2020 Global Patient Reports.


AHF Staff: 

  • A net decrease of 8 AHF employee overall worldwide to 6,567 total AHF employees worldwide, including:
    • A DECREASE of 9 U.S. staff
    • An INCREASE of 1 global staff, and

o   2,265 other AHF-supported staff in global programs (bucket staff, casuals, etc.)


·       This report also includes a breakout of the 2,863 clients now enrolled in our various Positive Healthcare (PHC &PHP) Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs in California, Florida and Georgia (page #2 of “Facts”–PHP = Medicare; PHC = Medicaid).




·       NO new domestic U.S. AHF Healthcare Centers, AHF Pharmacies, AHF Wellness or OTC sites opened in March 2020.  Hours did expand at the AHF Wellness Center/Long Beach (California)


·       AHF’s Global program also now operates 710 global AHF clinics, ADDING twelve (12) new treatment sites in March 2020 and one site—in THAILAND—was CLOSED.




Week of April 3, 2020 (Global Patient Report dated 3/31/20)        
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week; one (1) site was CLOSED:

·       ZAMBIA — Kabwe – Ngungu Clinic

·       ZAMBIA — Kitwe – Chimwemwe Clinic

·       And one site, Banglamung Hospital, was closed in THAILAND.


Week of March 27, 2020 (Global Patient Report dated 3/24/20)        
One (1) new global treatment site was ADDED this week:

·       CHILE — Talca – Hospital Regional de Talca


Week of March 20, 2020   (3/17/20)      
Five (5) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week:

·       MOZAMBIQUE — KaChamanculo – Posto 14 Health Center

·       MOZAMBIQUE — Matola – Machava 1 Health Center

·       VIETNAM — Bac Giang – Lang Giang

·       VIETNAM — Bac Giang – Luc Ngan

·       VIETNAM — Than Hoa – Than Hoa City Hospital


Week of March 13, 2020   (3/10/20)      
Four (4) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week:

·       UGANDA— Amuria – Amuria Hospital Center

·       UGANDA— Kalangala – Kalanga Hospital

·       UGANDA— Tororo – Tororo Hospital

·       BRAZIL — Redfe – SAE Gouveia de Barros (SGB)


Week of March 6, 2020 (3/3/20)        
NO new global treatment sites were ADDED this week.




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