Now! Advocacy Saves Lives

Fighting for what’s right has been an integral part of the culture here at AIDS Healthcare Foundation since the early days of our organization. Advocacy is as vital to AHF’s mission as the care we provide to our patients. Without it, countless people would not have access to medication and lifesaving care.

AHF recently debuted the film, Now! Advocacy Saves Lives, which highlights this history and the importance of our advocacy work. It shows how for years, AHF has fought and won many battles against the drug industry’s greed and continues to push for further changes today.

The film does an excellent job showing how AHF works to ensure proper funding for international aid programs and help countries in need access lifesaving resources.

AHF has held screenings of the film in Amsterdam and DC and plans to roll out the movie in activations across the country. If you would like to hold a screening of the new documentary, click here.