AHF Facts at a Glance: November 2019 

As of Nov. 29, 2019 there are 1,338,127 AHF Patients/Clients Worldwide.

AHF currently has a presence in 16 states including California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, & District of Columbia. 

AHF is global. We’re currently in 43 countries as follows: African Countries 13; Americas 12; Asia 10; Europe 8.

AHF is diverse. We have the following number of service lines: AHF Healthcare Centers Domestic: 67; Global AHF Clinics: 681; AHF Pharmacies: 55; Out of the Closet Stores: 20; AHF Wellness Centers: 22; Wellness Centers, Global: 7 in 4 Countries; Mobile Testing Units Domestic: 15; Mobile Testing Units Global: 6 in 5 Countries. 

AIDS Healthcare Foundation: Cutting Edge Medicine and Advocacy Regardless of Ability to Pay.

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