September 2020 Above & Beyond




Nominee: Carlos Gomez-Alvarez
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Carlos is doing an outstanding job. When given simple instructions, he figures the rest out on his own, and demonstrates significant potential for career development! Carlos is our newest rising star in Castro Pharmacy. Good people arent easy to find, but they do exist!
Over the past few weeks, he initiated and took the lead for completing store-to-store transfers, as well as presented great new ideas for our Castro Pharmacy Instagram account. Carlos has blown us away consistently and deserved an Above and Beyond nomination.
Nominee: Sandra Espinoza
Division: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted By: Sandra juggles and straddles multiple locations, and does a darn good job! She wears multiple hats, and is our go-to Benefits Specialist. She handles Carl Bean, El Monte, and numerous other Southern California HCCs regularly. Recently, she is even assisting Castro/Oakland and our Bay Area patients.
Sandra juggles and straddles multiple locations, and does a darn good job! She wears multiple hats and is our go-to Benefits Specialist. She handles Carl Bean, El Monte, and numerous other Southern California HCCs regularly. Recently, she is even assisting Castro/Oakland and our Bay Area patients.
Sandra, thank you for your due diligence and responses in helping with retention. Just today, Sandra did a marvelous job outlining benefits and coverage for a Bay Area patient. She informed the Pharmacy Staff that the patient only has Medicare Part A,B. for Medical benefits (and not Part D). She conducted a deep dive and concluded that the patient has ADAP for medication, and even attached a screenshot confirming active ADAP status. Sandra, thank you! We appreciate all your hard work to retain patients and keep billing as accurate and successful as possible. A++ 100%+
Nominee: Rachel Pe�a
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Rachel is proactive, disciplined and hard-working. She is constantly thinking ahead, thorough, pays very close attention to detail and persistent.
Today, Rachel started preparing for our vaccination rollout and made sure to share any helpful information with all the Pharmacy Managers across the country. She is resourceful, self-sufficient and constructive in her communication. Thank you Rachel for joining our AHF family!
Nominee: Ronald Weston
Division: Sales
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Ron Weston is the BEST! I just can’t articulate enough how much of a team-player Ron is. He represents AHF in such a great way.
While others struggle to find team-building exercises to promote camaraderie and harmony in the workplace, Ron seems to be a natural! He is warm and friendly, and genuinely sincere. I am so thankful for Ron, and just had to give him an Above and Beyond. Great work Talent Acquisition Team for recruiting Ron!
Nominee: Shelley Louis Pierre
Division: Human Resources
Submitted By: Diandra Bellamy- Assoc Dir of Public Health- Testing and Wellness

Texas PHD has been growing and expanding into new territories very fast during this post COVID time . Shelley has made sure that all positions have made it through the approval process in a fast time frame. She has kept us abreast on changes and soon as something is posted and resumes come in she sends them off to us in lighting speed. She has serviced us with increases, promotions, change of statuses, recruiting and hiring. Shelley is so pleasant, sweet and a great communicator. She excels at executing her duties and listens to our needs and always delivers. She has made such a smooth process for us, and we 1,000% trust and assure that Shelley GOT IT and will always exceed the expectation and FAST. Shelley is truly a genuine hard working gem and we appreciate her for being a key player and the impact she has in making sure we continue to reach our goals and be of service to our communities.

Shelley’s impact is a testament of nimbleness and being of service with the highest regard; ensuring that nothing inhibits the timely provision of our care, mission and goals.

Nominee: Yanick Bell
Division: Managed Care
Submitted By: Marlena Salomon
Yanick is an extremely resourceful case manager and always finds way to assist the clients with needs. She works with touch a heart foundation to obtain back to school items for children in need. Recently she was able to work with our regional sales director to support the agency with a donation from AHF to strengthen the partnership and show support to that agency.
Yanick is able to successfully work with other agencies to obtain services for the clients that are in need as well as for their families. She advocates for the clients which is part of the mission of AHF.
Thank you Yanick for your service and work for AHF
Nominee: Jennifer David-Adelee
Division: Executive/Administrative
Submitted By: Mike McKany
Jennifer took the initiative with the BWC RX Account to coordinate with Dr Heglar, Dr Merritt and Deeepa the McKesson rep to get all the proper paperwork in place for BWC. This was at a time in which I was very busy and wouldn�t have had time to work on this myself.
Because of Jennifer, BWC is receiving their medication orders on time without interruption.
BWC is receiving their RX order on time and there will be no interruption in STI treatments for Wellness Patients.
Nominee: Ana Pena
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Ana Pena is a role model for AHF Pharmacy Technicians. Day in and Day out, Ana goes Above and Beyond. The most recent action she took was to help one of our patients traveling internationally.
Ana reached out to our AHF family in Argentina to make sure that our patient does not run out of their medicine. She was proactive and demonstrated how resourceful she is yet again. Ana works whole-heartedly and makes our patients days better. She makes her co-workers days better too! We love you Ana, and thank you for being a part of our AHF family.
Nominee: Danielle J Cavanaugh-Barnhill
Division: Out of the Closet-Retail
Submitted By: Robert Doty
During her manager’s Leave of Absence, Danielle stepped-up to the challenges of short staffing and performed duties in addition to her role as Cashier. This includes opening and closing the store. Danielle’s willingness to assume these additional responsibilities and keep our doors open during COVID challenges is commendable.
The Out of the Closet stores are primary avenues for business growth in the community. Danielle was able to seamlessly assist with maintaining the store without hiring or obtaining external management personnel to assist.
Nominee: Janis M. Ashley
Division: Out of the Closet-Retail
Submitted By: Robert Doty
During her manager’s Leave of Absence, Janis stepped-up to the challenges of short staffing and assuming many duties of a manager over a prolonged period. Janis’ willingness to work extended hours and keep our doors open during COVID challenges is commendable.
The Out of the Closet stores are primary avenues for business growth in the community. Janis was able to seamlessly maintain the store with little assistance without hiring or obtaining external management personnel to assist.
Nominee: Gisela Rodriguez Bonilla
Division: Finance
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Aside from her wonderful demeanor day in and day out, she went Above and Beyond to touch base with me about our AHF family in California during the latest wildfires.
Gisela is receptive, resourceful, compassionate and a wonderful teammate. I just had to put this in words to let her know that I appreciate her kindness and genuine care. She is a role model for AHF employees and demonstrated a perfect display of our Core Value to “Value Employees.” Thank you Gisela.
Nominee: Lina Reem
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: William Stewart
As a new hire Lina is already showing great potential to help us take customer service to the next level.
She has not been here long, but she has dived right in to really positive interactions with customers and employees. Her temperament is ideal for the job.
Nominee: Steven Cauley
Division: Executive/Administrative
Submitted By: Rosalia Barbosa
Steven was able to open templates for PM and OA: for all Northern, Southern and Western.
Not a walk in the park!

He has gone for and Beyond in our eyes. 🙂

PM and OA are juggling many tasks including COVID our new normal.. haha.

It’s amazing to know this huge task has been taken off our plate.

Nominee: Maryanna Golovash
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Aaron Pellicciotti
Maryanna has been a tremendous resource and help to many pharmacies within the region. Specifically, Maryanna and her IMM team have helped Downtown pharmacy in researching and updating demographic information for pharmacy patients. This immense project includes reviewing several software systems to assure that each patient profile has matching information. In addition to all the other work Maryanna does for our pharmacy patients, she truly goes above and beyond in her hard work and effort.

Maryanna has also been a terrific resource for the pharmacy’s clinical programs. Maryanna and her IMM team are always there to assist the pharmacy team.

Because of Maryanna’s efforts, providers are able to order prescriptions with ease due to their patient’s information matching that of the pharmacy software. This has increased refill request responses and decreased wait time. Patients are directly affected by Maryanna’s work. They are able to received their medications all together and on time. Medication synchronization is an important goal for the pharmacy and patient.

Maryanna and her clinical team contact pharmacy patients on a regular basis. Their “high touch” communication allows them to be strong advocates for our patients’ health.

Nominee: Miyoshi Jones
Division: Human Resources
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
I want to extol Miyoshi’s efforts. She works so hard to help us in Pharmacy and recruit solid candidates for joining our AHF family. Miyoshi has the utmost respect when communicating to employees, her peers and potential candidates. Her commitment and dedication is truly admirable.
Each time she recruits new employees, she works with her heart as well as her resources. She communicates and updates supervisors regularly and truly gives her all to AHF. I’m so thankful for Miyoshi and all that she does. I never doubt her loyalty to AHF nor her intentions to truly make AHF the greatest possible place to work.
Nominee: Antonio Madrid
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Aaron Pellicciotti
Tony always comes to work with a positive and optimistic attitude. Of his many responsibilities within the pharmacy, lately, Tony has been focused on updating all demographic information for each patient. He has been a critical part of collecting Signature on File Agreements. This has required a tremendous amount of effort on his part in preparing prescription orders, contacting patients, and processing deliveries.
Tony’s diligence and hard work has paid off in collecting Signature on File Agreements and updating demographic/delivery information. In less than a month, Tony was able to collect over 300 Signature on File Agreements and update delivery methods/address for many more. Having the most up to date contact information for our patients allows the pharmacy to have the “high touch” adherence program, strengthen communication through phone calls and text messages, and ensures patients are getting their medication delivered to the correct address on time. Through Tony’s efforts, he has made a huge impact in patient care.
Nominee: Carly Werner
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Jose Diaz
A patient of ours had moved East and was having a hard time getting placed into care in Atlanta. Carly went above the call of duty and contacted both the pharmacy and hcc to make sure we do not lose this patient to care.
Carly is exemplifying excellent teamwork and providing amazing personal care to a patient that was struggle establishing themselves in a new area.
Nominee: Anthony Leggio
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Cindy Markarian
Anthony put together a fantastic training on the flu vaccine for all AHF pharmacists.
Anthony compiled a clinical review of influenza: vaccine options, patient qualification/counseling points, administration technique, and more! Anthony provided a comprehensive 30-minute training for each pharmacist to complete to prepare for our vaccine administration program nationwide. Thank you Anthony for this excellent training!
Nominee: Jose Diaz
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Jason Rockwood
Helping coordinate efficient pharmacy billing
helping to maintain patient retention and to expedite medication access for patients
Nominee: Jose Diaz
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Jinous Amjadi
Jose came across a very useful tool on the MediCal website and shared his knowledge with the entire pharmacy team in California.
Jose’s proactivity will benefit not only his own patients, but also AHF patients at other sites as well. In going the extra step to send this valuable information to other teams, Jose will help increase patient care and retention at other pharmacies as well. This shows great team building efforts that extends beyond just the confines of his own practice. Thank you Jose for you unprecedented commitment to help others!
Nominee: Colton Pitstick
Division: Out of the Closet-Retail
Submitted By: Staci Mullins
Colton has been a leader at Columbus OTC. While his immediate supervisor has been assisting at Chicago’s store, Colton has overseen the Columbus site. He shows true leadership skills by running the store efficiently and without issue. He has observed Brent well, holding strong to his guidance and training. Colton is a team player and contributes many skills to Columbus OTC.
Colton’s hard work and dedication is exemplary in the mission AHF provides in Columbus, OH. When needed, Colton is simply there. He steps up without question when a unique situation presents itself, much like AHF. Colton puts in what it takes.
Nominee: Amanda Camacho
Division: Pharmacy
Submitted By: Mark O’Brien, RN
As an IMM RN Care Manager, my role is to assess patients and provide medication education and support. I had a patient who reported he could not pay for his medications. Amanda Camacho a Pharmacy Technician working at the AHF Pharmacy – Campus is someone I knew, I could go to for help. I knew Amanda would be able to assist this patient. I asked Amanda to help this patient with his problem. Amanda patiently listened to the gentleman. Researched his problem. Provided education and emotional support for the patient. I have known Amanda for over 5 years, working in her role as a Pharmacy Tech. Amanda has always been very kind, supportive and resourceful to patients. If a patient has a complex problem, Amanda seems to be able to provide a simple answer and always with a smile.
AHF and especially, AHF Pharmacy is very fortunate to have Amanda as a Pharmacy Tech.
In her patient=centered approach, Amanda took the necessary time to fix this patient’s problem. Amanda’s respect for diversity is evident in her communication and great service to the patients. Amanda is flexible and understands the constant shifts of medication cost reimbursements. Fight for what’s right means for Amanda, fighting for the best drug costs/value for each patient.
Nominee: Kinder Medical Group
Division: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted By: Quateka Cochran
Received a letter from a patient stating that the care he receives from Dr. Kinder and Ruben Perez. He acknowledge all staff but pointed out that Ruben is an absolute star and that the care he receives from Dr. Kinder is the best he has received in 20 years.
They are exemplifying the caring behavior that we seek to provide at AHF
Nominee: Marcelo Escobar
Division: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted By: Quateka Cochran
I received a call from Jackie who works at Ruenand Ziffra law firm, she called to compliment Marcelo. She stated that he is polite, helpful, communicates well. She wishes she could clone him and put him in every doctors office. She wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that he is an asset to our company.
He is demonstrating the best of what AHF stands for. Caring and commitment.
Nominee: Yoandys Andres Ortiz
Division: Managed Care
Submitted By: Eddy Diaz, Rn-MCM Supervisor
Client email Supervisor to give feedback on Peer Navigator
” Dear Eddy Diaz, I wanted congratulate and thank Andres Ortiz for always being reliable, respectfull, caring, and friendly. During this past years since Andres started working he has always shown dedication and care, always there for you to help you and to find solutions to any situation we may encounter. With Andres I�ve always received the proper solutions to any situation. Thank you Andres You are one in a million. Thank you for always being kind and caring not only to me but to my friends and family members as well. Thank you again for everything you have done to resolve my medical issues in a timely manner”.
Nominee: Tiana Guanzon
Division: Marketing & Communications
Submitted By: Staci Mullins
Tiana recently worked with me on placing a sign for our Chicago OTC. She quickly had a vendor in place, kept me updated as things were happening and had the sign was placed within little time. At one point there was an error on the display; Tiana had is corrected by the vendor and replaced immediately.
It has been a pleasure working with Tiana on this project. I feel Tiana’s prompt performance and clear communication is what made this project a quick one. While there have been multiple adjustments at our Chicago OTC and the sign was placed within this time frame, our sales have doubled! This seems to have directly impacted our mission and awareness of OTC in Chicago.