September Above & Beyond

Nominee Reason Impact
Nominee: Janelle Martin
Department: Executive/Administrative
Submitted by: Sarah Whitelocke
Help with ADP
Janelle has walked down to help me with ADP over and over again always with the most positive uplifting spirit to counter my complete level of defeat at my most recent failed login attempts to ADP.
Nominee: Rudy Esfahani
Department: Information Technology
Submitted by: Gavin de Reuck
Recently Marketing was tasked with a number of automated calling campaigns that required a substantial commitment to new technologies – especially in preparation for some of the large advocacy initiatives we will be undertaking in 2020. Rudy was SO incredibly above and beyond in this process.
Rudy secured new lines, coordinated with a new vendor to scope our projects, worked on a contract and eventually helped us with a new solution to avoid much of the trouble we’ve seen in the past with these campaigns. I’m so impressed by his work ethic, speed, and efficiency. Thank you for being so above and beyond, Rudy!
Nominee: Jao Belandres
Department: Marketing & Communications
Submitted by: Megan Yu
For the past few months, Jao has beautifully balanced a variety of projects from helping us move from WW to the 19th floor, new location opening to another location opening, and setting up on our marketing retreat while doing his daily routines and taking classes to better his skill set.
His efforts improve our marketing strategy, inter-department communication, and helps focus our efforts on our messaging and purpose for each campaign.
Nominee: Kevin Pakdivichit
Department: Marketing & Communications
Submitted by: Megan Yu
Kevin is our Marketing Director, and he does a phenomenal job in directing us and in leading the charge. When my direct supervisor left the organization and I became a one-woman department, he halted MPRs and assured me that I wasn’t overwhelmed. He continues to work on improving our department as a whole from reformatting meetings, giving us a clear direction for 2020, and helping us with resources.
His efforts to support his team encourages us all to continue to work hard. I believe that a department is as strong as their leaders, and our leaders care for us and want to aid us in delivering the best for AHF, for our clients, and for our mission. For me personally, Kevin and our directors make me happy to work in this department and encourages me to constantly go above and beyond.
Nominee: Aaron Martin
Department: Marketing & Communications
Submitted by: Megan Yu
Aaron does a great job in balancing the amount of MPRs and internal creative requests that comes his way. He meets deadlines and delivers great service to his requestors. He did an amazing job rebranding the Wellness Centers and in leading the creative campaigns for World AIDS Day, Out of the Closet Halloween, and a lot of other grand opening events.
Creatives are essential to any marketing medium: Digital Ads, Social, Print, and all the way to Signage. His efforts and constant dedication to his work play a huge part in branding, driving traffic to our locations, and making AHF cutting edge.
Nominee: Jeffrey Synsmir
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Ripritz Romain
Wilton Rx needed a delivery to be done to a special patient for the Weekend and PSL Jeffrey makes sure the package was delivered and confirmed with the Pharmacy.

This is the email I received from the pharmacy manager Lynette Price: I just wanted to tell you Jeffrey Synsmir is doing an outstanding job as PSL. He went above and beyond to assist the pharmacy this weekend with one of our patient that fell into a special circumstance. I was worried about the package getting to the patient on Saturday, he called me back to confirm the package had been delivered within an hour. We really appreciated him assisting us on Saturday.

He knew the patient is first and make sure the package was delivered to the right person.

Nominee: Aileen Pelias
Department: Human Resources
Submitted by: Kevin Pakdivichit
Aileen helped me with my travel AGAIN.
Aileen is always quick, helpful and DELIGHTFUL when I need her help. She never gets mad at me when I repeatedly make dumb mistakes. She is very good at what she does and without her help, I would not be able to do the work that I do when I travel.
Nominee: AHF Media
Department: Marketing & Communications
Submitted by: Jao
My team showed exemplary dedication, passion, and openness towards the growth of the department and the vision & mission of the company during our retreat.
As a result of these behaviors, I am truly inspired and re-invigorated to do my utmost best for my team and the company.
Nominee: Susana Chinchills
Department: Managed Care
Submitted by: Mellie Prophete Case Management Supervisor
Susana is a new employee, in the pass couples of months this young lady has made a great impact on our clients life and our staff. Susana has fill the void that we need here at AHF in Fort Myers. she has so such compassion for our clients and her job. All of Susana clients and family welcome Susanna with open hand and with there heart. Thank you Susana for doing your best with our clients.
Compassion, Love and make sure that all of our clients needs are being met and our client come first.
Nominee: Marlene Lalota
Department: Business Development
Submitted by: Janette Alvarez
Marlene is amazing. Today I was not feeling well ( very bad cold) and I was on my way to a meeting in Midtown. I spoke to her on the way to the subway and she told me, please turn around and I will do the meeting for you. This meant the world to me. I turn back around and went home to rest. Marlene has been non-stop in helping me with my operations tasks in NY. The Bronx HCC is her latest est creation. The grand opening will show the AHF world and the NY citizens that everything she touches does turn to gold… and LOvE for the mission.
Marlene is amazing. Today I was not feeling well ( very bad cold) and I was on my way to a meeting in Midtown. I spoke to her on the way to the subway and she told me, please turn around and I will do the meeting for you. This meant the world to me. I turn back around and went home to rest. Marlene has been non-stop in helping me with my operations tasks in NY. The Bronx HCC is her latest est creation. The grand opening will show the AHF world and the NY citizens that everything she touches does turn to gold… and LOvE for the mission. She is part of the mission.
Nominee: DIBS
Department: Marketing & Communications
Submitted by: Andrea Corrales
We made an excellent shark tank team! We all worked great together achieving our overall goal!
Kevin you did an amazing job leading us. Megan, you exceded our expectations per usual and made sure everyone was accountable. Mikayla you gave us a winning idea and really stepped out of your comfort zone to executed it. Lauren you were great about us bringing it back to our overall message and you did a phenomenal job presenting. Go Team DIBS!!!
Nominee: Paul Chu
Department: Information Technology
Submitted by: Jonathan Cowans
Every time I call Paul with an issue, he always drops what he’s doing and does what he can to fix them. Paul has a pleasant attitude and very knowledgeable.
Paul assists with the HCC’s IT issue so we can better assist all patients.
Nominee: AHF Pharmacy Castro
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Maryana Arsanious
Castro team has come a long way in the past two years. The team was able to stand together through thick and thin and withheld all the changes which were implemented whether in workflow or in staffing. Many of you were stretched thin at some point and had to make sacrifices to keep the business running. Thank you for everything and for creating an awesome team that was more like a family to me.
As a result of your hard work and your dedication, AHF Castro pharmacy survived a lot of bumps whether when we were short-staffed or lost providers or sales reps. I’m so proud of every single one of you and I wish you all the best of luck.
Nominee: Whittier Healthcare Center
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: Sian Durham
A huge thank you to the Whittier Healthcare Center team who came in on a Saturday to complete the move of the clinic! You all worked so hard to make sure the HCC was ready for our patients on Monday. It was a great example of teamwork and cooperation.
By giving up your free time you ensured that the healthcare center was ready to receive patients on Monday. This demonstrates a real commitment to the mission of AHF and pride in your work. It was clear to see that you all care a great deal about our patients and your workplace. Thank you so much for all of your efforts!!
Nominee: Columbus OTC Store Employees
Department: Out of the Closet-Retail
Submitted by: Angela Eason
The dedication put into every interaction with attention details
Tireless commitment to the upkeep of the store
Always willing to help a co-worker with events by putting things together, reaching out to the community to form partnerships, going the extra mile by staying late hours,
Even though none of the OTC Columbus Team seek to be in the spotlight, I nominate them for an Above & Beyond Award for being so dedicated to the customers we serve, being educated on the testing services we offer in preparation of clients questions, for working hard to maintain the high standard of our Columbus location thrift store and for always being supportive of the Public Health Department.
Brent runs a tight ship at OTC maintaining a can-do attitude, he gets the job done if that entails going out for pick-ups to reaching out to the various partner opportunities. He’s always proactive in his role as manager by getting out our mission and seeing it through to completion.
Xander and Jayla are Head of Sales and are the perfect compliment to Brent. Always busy, looking for ways to help out like giving the OTC a new look for an event and then helping to put the store back into place.
Hova and Sarah are the cashiers extraordinaire, Hova is the energy, keeping things lively while performing her duties. S
Nominee: AHF DC Pharmacy Team
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Alsean Bryant
I commend EVERYONE on a job exceedingly well done as the pharmacy manager was on vacation! Everyone worked as a team and executed all deliverables in a premier fashion.

Dee (courier) – Thank you for readjusting your vacation to work a few days surrounding the Labor Day weekend to help get the bulk of medications out to our local clients!

Chay – Thank you for your flexibility. She filled in for Tiara at Benning Road for a few days and primarily processed the nursing homes. This is the first time she worked exclusively on central filling and addressing all related reports. GREAT JOB!

Eugene – Thank you for your flexibility. He and Dereck (tech) partnered to man the front counter when Chay was away. He also learned a few more processes with Beacon and supported Dereck with occasional filling. GREAT WORK!

Dereck – Thank you for your flexibility. He did an exceptional job with the filling demands of the holiday weekend and beyond. WAY TO GO!

Yoletta – Thank you for your flexibility.

The impact of this collective effort made delivering quality care to our patients fun and effective.
Nominee: Yoletta Kittrell
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Lemlem Iyassu
Yoletta has been a great asset to our team. I trained her with deliveries and for the past 3 weeks, she has taken it and made it her own. Regardless of staff shortages and our courier being on vacation for a week, she found a way to cater to everyone’s delivery needs in a timely fashion.
Between courier us mail and FedEx, our pharmacy averages 50+ deliveries per day. And there have been special circumstances where patient’s needed meds while our courier was gone. Yoletta was careful to make sure everyone got what they needed. Also, she was not afraid to ask for support from the rest of the team when needed. It’s this kind of person who adds so much value to our mission.
Nominee: Sharee Servin
Department: Executive/Administrative
Submitted by: Jao Belandres
Sharee has always been very extremely helpful to me and to the whole marketing department for our move and transition to the Sunset building.
Our transition to the new office has been made so much easier and smoother because of all her help. She is also a great resource for all my questions about the property and general Sunset HQ questions.
Nominee: Melinda Davtyan
Department: Finance
Submitted by: Events Team
Melinda has always been so fast to help us get payments to our vendors. Especially with new vendors who we have not established a good relationship with. It’s important for us to have payment submitted when it comes to securing vendors. Because of how fast she is able to process payments it has allowed me to have a more efficient workflow.
Melinda has helped to show that we can be trusted and realizable as a company. We value everyone we come into contact with not only patients but business as well.
Nominee: Sherry Nolen
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: EMon
When I was tested and reconnected to care I was given Ms. Sherrys information. I was so ready to talk to her and then she finally called me. Ms. Sherry was able to put me on the right path and help me address some hurdles I was afraid to approach. She was able to meet me where I was and a little past that. She is very transparent and upfront about everything that is going on. She has provided me with the information that was needed to help me in some of my everyday struggles. Like just listening to me and helping to guide me to the right places. She helped me with how to address things that I didn’t want to deal with like transitional housing and getting Mental Health support. She has given me additional resources that will help me, like other groups to participate in.
Today I am in a better space and I feel that I have more of a grasp on my life. I was so unsure of how my health was going to be. I am feeling better about myself and I am moving in a great direction at this point in my life. I thank God I was linked to this lady.
Nominee: Jacksonville HCC
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: Sandra Najuna
Jacksonville HCC staff were very helpful and actively participated in the first quality improvement event. There were so many details to figure out and the staff was flexible, attended several meetings and were available to collaborate with the quality management department till the end.
We had a successful cervical cancer screening event and intend to replicate the process in other health centers around the country.
Nominee: Therese LeFrancois
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: Amy Pinter
Terri is always willing to take on any project and provide assistance to anyone that needs it. She recently transitioned from the role of compliance coordinator to that of OA at AID Atlanta. During this transition, she continued to compile the monthly Ryan White billing for Miami. In addition, she made time to assist with the orientation of her replacement and be available to him for questions as he learned his new role. She is always a team player whether she’s a part of the team or leading the team.
Terri’s willingness to lead by example and assist others to be successful impacts the success of AHF and improves the quality of service that we provide to our patients.
Nominee: Sharron Manzy
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Paul Manabat
Sharron has gone above and beyond to take care of the patient who was living in his car.
Sharron has displayed compassion to help a patient receive food and water. Sharron has also set up an appointment for Medicaid so the patient can get help
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: ANA PEA
Jimmy goes above and beyond on the daily to make sure he delivers all packages to patients on time. He connects with the patients and makes them feel appreciated and understood. Jimmy always makes sure to inform the pharmacy of any delay or hurdles that can affect delivery and always works with pharmacy to find a solution. Jimmy has great communication with all pharmacy staff and makes package pick up and drop off at pharmacy extremely easy.
Jimmy’s work ethic relate to the mission and purpose of AHF by providing great, efficient service to every patient he delivers to. Patients always show/state their appreciate for Jimmy and his efficiency.
Nominee: Nicole Castaldo
Department: Human Resources
Submitted by: Janette Alvarez
Nicole is a new AHF Northern Bureau team member. She is awesome. Upon starting her role the region is growing and had many changes in staff. She keeps up with us and our fast pace. I appreciate her and happy she is part of my Northern B team.
Nicole is here to help us get great staff, onboard them fast. Therefore this will help the mission and the patients.
I am blessed to work with her…
Nominee: Steven Cauley
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: Janette Alvarez Raue
I wanted to recognize Steven for always being there to help me with template issues.. He rocks ….
Today Steven helped once again in a pinch while I am traveling.. His supports me in making sure the templates are correct. I am blessed and I appreciate him..
Nominee: Housing
Department: Advocacy
Submitted by: Adriana Roman-Pichardo
John is a team player. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help others and his collogues. John is always sharing resources with his team. During his 9 year tenure, he has always demonstrated his ability to go above and beyond.
John helps the team to function effectively. He understands, and considers ideas and points of view from other people without debating and arguing every point. He has the ability to express his thoughts and ideas with his team. He is great at sharing resources with the department. He is a great advocate for his clients. You can count on John as he is a reliable team member who gets work done and does his fair share to work hard and meet commitments. He follows through on assignments. You can count on him to deliver good performance all the time, not just some of the time. He has impacted the agency through is continued hard work and dedication and working as a great team player.
Nominee: LaTonya Thurman
Department: Advocacy
Submitted by: Rasheed Gonga
As a new employee, it is always nice to meet individuals who really make you feel a part of the family and Tonya did just that. From the moment she was introduced to me, she welcomed me and had a genuine interest in me as an individual and my role with the company. She helped provide more of an understanding of each business line/dept and how they all function together. It was as if we had known each other for years as opposed to just minutes.
When I think of why I remain loyal to the particular business, it ultimately boils down to those first interactions. It sets the tone. Being greeted by someone like Tonya, puts you at ease and gives you that human touch that is often missing in a clinical/healthcare setting. It is the difference between being a person vs a number.
Nominee: David Peraza
Department: Information Technology
Submitted by: Morena Padilla
David is very professional and is always a pleasure to work with him. He is a great asset to the AHF family and always a team player. No matter if his busy he always takes his time in assisting me with the issue when it’s IT-related or calls the User to help them out.
He gets the Users back and running to their Tasks to be able to get the Patient’s prescriptions started and the other Tasks that they have to do.
Nominee: Nissicia Veronica Mitchell
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Ramandeep Kaur
Nissy is always going above and beyond to help our team members. She finishes her task in a timely manner and uses her expertise to solve any difficult projects.
Nissy is in charge of adherence reports in pharmacy. This past month Nissy has accomplished our goals of being 10 days ahead in adherence calls and reached out to patients receiving a signature on file.
Nominee: Keith Melendez
Department: Department of Medicine/Healthcare Centers
Submitted by: Janette
Keith is the new PM for Chelsea. In his first month with us, he has transformed the Chelsea office to a great place to work. The wait time is now a 5m first time ever. I appreciate the care he is giving to his sites, staff and especially the patients. The Chelsea office is now organized and free of clutter.
Keith is the new PM for Chelsea. In his first month with us, he has transformed the Chelsea office to a great place to work. The wait time is now a 5m first time ever. I appreciate the care he is giving to his sites, staff and especially the patients. The Chelsea office is now organized and free of clutter.
Nominee: Erika Hidalgo
Department: Executive/Administrative
Submitted by: Rosemary Lopez
Erika is a hardworking employee in our Education and Prevention Department. She provides testing for our events and serves as a speaker for our outreach programs. She has been very successful with the faith-based community.
Erika has been and continues to be committed to the mission of ACQC and a valuable employee. Erika has a tremendous passion for the work that we do (including her work with the transgender population) and she is a major contributor to the Education and Prevention Department as a tester and presenter, and the overall goals and objectives of the agency.
Nominee: Alyssa McGregory
Department: Out of the Closet-Retail
Submitted by: Monterria Jackson
Monterria Jackson came off of maternity leave and immediately took the initiative to tackle any and every issue that arose at OTC. She has not only taken her role as Assistant Manager seriously, but she has also come in on her off days and has been very understanding and helpful in our collaborative roles. No job has been too big or intimidated her, Whenever she decides on her job for the moment, she not only does an exceptional job (processing donations, creating racks, or organizing bric a brac). She also does an amazing job in her leadership role and delegates tasks very well. I am very grateful to have her on my team.
Because of Monterria’s willingness to be a team player, our backroom has maintained a level of cleanliness that had not been achieved in the previous months. When we began to lose members of our staff, she had no issue with coming to work on her days off, or spending more time on the register. We are now able to run our donation processing smoother and have been able to stay on top of the donations instead of letting them overpower us.
Nominee: Natividad Liengsiriwat
Department: Advocacy
Submitted by: Rosemary Lopez
Nat has been employed by ACQC for more than 25 years. She currently serves in the capacity of Director of Case Manager where she oversees the Case Management Staff in 4 sites. Nat is a very knowledgeable and dedicated employee who is totally committed to the mission of this organization and the clients that we serve.
Nat recognizes the importance of providing services for those living with HIV and other chronic health conditions. For more than 25 years she has worked in the case management department overseeing services in medical care, counseling, insurance coverage, ADAP, and more. She is well versed in the needs of our clients and does not hesitate to step in where and when needed to assist a client and/or their families to improve his or her quality of life whenever and wherever possible.
Nominee: Catherine Marie
Department: Executive/Administrative
Submitted by: Rosemary Lopez
Cathy serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Associate Director – Programs and the Director of Case Management. In addition to her administrative duties, Cathy is the lead person for our food pantry, serving more than 500 clients each month. She is our consummate planner and preparer for office events. Cathy’s hard work and attention to detail make every event a success.
Cathy has been employed by ACQC for 17 years and is a team player and committed to the goals and objectives of the organization. She works hard to assist with client services (food pantry, clothing pantry, case management) to enhance the quality of life for those living with HIV and other chronic conditions. One of the many company-sponsored events that Cathy enjoys is the client holiday party. Cathy oversees the sorting and wrapping of gifts for the children of our clients, assists with the setup of the party at the selected venue, and the serving of dinner to the clients and their guests.
Nominee: Sonia Rivera
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Raquel Salcido
Sonia is amazing always helping in anything she can with all her wisdom and experience she is such a valuable employee and friend. She is always smiling and has the best attitude. Thank you for all your help and hard work
You make it that much easier to come to work. I really appreciate everything about you!
Department: Pharmacy
Submitted by: Raquel salcido
Chaz comes in as a floater from pharmacy to pharmacy having to adapt to all of our different ways and always goes above and beyond to help each and every single one of his techs working beside him with a awesome attitude. His smile and positive attitude are contagious. Lastly, he always provides every patient with amazing consultations and makes sure they walk away feeling confident and helped. Thank you, Chaz, for always going above and beyond!
It makes our day knowing we are going to work alongside Chaz and that we will be supported and recognized for all our work.
Nominee: Kathryn Fergus
Department: Managed Care
Submitted by: Monica Rutherford
Carried the Houston case management department in the absence of an MCM.

Kathryn Fergus has worked tirelessly to ensure the patients at our Houston clinics (Binz and Fannin) receive the highest quality case management services possible. For over two months after our Medical Case Manager left, Kathryn covered both clinics by herself, meeting the needs of the patients she served. Already split by nature of her position into both Nonmedical Case Management and Outreach, also being the one and only case manager resulted in her attending required network functions for Case Management, Case Management Supervision, and Outreach, in addition to meeting with patients needing services. She was instrumental in a good programmatic audit by our funder despite these challenges.

I appreciate how hard Kathryn has worked to accomplish this and want to recognize her efforts.