‘Sexually Risky?’, asks New AHF Billboard Campaign

Despite pandemic-related lockdowns over the past 20 months limiting in-person contact and isolating many people, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), found notable increases in STI incidence in its free STI and HIV testing programs. In response, AHF launched “Sexually Risky?”, a new nationwide awareness and advocacy ad campaign to encourage sexually active and/or potentially at-risk people to get tested for STIs, including HIV.

The campaign poses an otherwise delicate question to viewers with those two simple words. The accompanying artwork features a lone hand casting a pair of bright red dice against a stark black background. “Sexually Risky?” began posting in October in 30 cities and 15 states across the country where AHF provides services.

It appears in both English and Spanish as billboards, transit ads, online digital ads, and in social media posts as well as in print publications in Los Angeles, South Florida, and Washington, DC. Beyond the two-word headline, the only other text on the artwork drives to one of two different AHF websites:  www.freeSTDCheck.org or www.freeHIVtest.net, which offer AHF testing and treatment locales.