AHF employees are a dedicated bunch. But even though our team is mission-driven, getting employees to be fully invested in their jobs and satisfied with their work takes some effort on the company’s part. Therefore, employee happiness shouldn’t be an afterthought, and it certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, employee engagement is closely related to performance outcomes, and it’s even more critical during unprecedented times like what we’ve all endured since 2020.

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Welcome to the home of TeamAHF! This is where you’ll find the details and guidelines for all our employee engagement programs. You can even access a calendar to stay on top of all upcoming AHF events! Scroll down to learn more about TeamAHF programs, or click on the table of contents to jump to the program of your choice!
Welcome to the home of TeamAHF! This is where you’ll find the details and guidelines for all our employee engagement programs. You can even access a calendar to stay on top of all upcoming AHF events! Scroll down to learn more about TeamAHF programs, or click on the table of contents to jump to the program of your choice!

The AHF Master Calendar!

Behold the AHF Master Calendar! From pride celebrations to protests, from holiday parties to board meetings, AHF’s master calendar will let you know what’s going on in our organization at all times. Click the link above to be redirected to the calendar and see what’s happening now. 

To add an event to the master calendar, simply invite [email protected] to your event or meeting on Outlook.


AHF Celebrates You!

The Above & Beyond program is an excellent opportunity to give and receive recognition for exemplary work. Every time you’re nominated by a coworker or manager for going Above & Beyond, you get points that you can cash in for cool swag or gift cards. 

Volunteering for AHF events, participating in TeamAHF programs, and advancing in your career are all ways to earn Above & Beyond points. And, you can even donate points to one of AHF’s initiatives if you want!

Click here or the Above & Beyond logo to visit your account. 



All work and no play makes… well you know the rest!

AHF encourages everyone to try a fun new team activity together every quarter. Go bowling, explore a museum, watch a movie, or try an escape room. The goal is to step away from work to refresh and to facilitate team bonding. Leadership is responsible for planning off-site events for their teams on a quarterly basis. Participation is optional. 

Ask your manager about your next Fun Times event, and if you have questions regarding Fun Times, email [email protected] or visit


Your Fitness. Your Way.

Discover all the fitness programs available to AHF staff.

AHF and Fitbit have teamed up! We’re providing one free or discounted Fitbit device to our employees who want to join monthly Fitbit challenges for cool prizes. 

How Fitbit works:

  1. Visit AHF’s Fitbit website and follow the step-by-step instructions on the page. 
  2. Download the Fitbit app and sign into your account. 
  3. Look out for Fitbit emails announcing challenges and prizes. 
Get paid to work out!

AHF will provide all full-time domestic staff $25 per month reimbursement for gym membership or fitness program. Additionally, all full-time staff are eligible for 50% off monthly dues at our gym in Hollywood: AHF Fitness!

How reimbursement works:

  1. Save your gym receipts every month or make sure you can access them. 
  2. Visit this page and follow the instructions
  3. That's it!
Fitness for a cause

AHF will sponsor your participation in charitable walks, marathons, bike rides, and triathlons when you wear TeamAHF gear. 

How sponsorship works:

  1. All full-time employees will be sponsored up to $150 for qualifying athletic events that support a good cause. 
  2. Submit this form stating the price, charity, and the event website for review. 
  3. If your sponsorship is approved, you will be notified via email. 
  4. TeamAHF sponsorship funds will be reimbursed to participants post-event on a quarterly basis. 
  5. To qualify for full reimbursement, submit this event recap form and upload pictures of you wearing TeamAHF Sport swag at the event. 

Fill Better with AHF pharmacy

We Rx is a new employee program here to help us make a difference! We’re asking staff to use AHF Pharmacy to fill their prescriptions so that we can better serve our 1.7 million clients.

Because 96 cents of every dollar earned at AHF Pharmacy goes back into HIV care, your prescriptions will save more lives

And the more people who fill with AHF, the more resources we’ll have to expand our reach in areas without HIV care.

AHF Pharmacy offers free delivery,
discreet packaging, and personalized care.

How it Works

What you get! 

  • 5,000 Above & Beyond points when you switch.
  • 5,000 Above & Beyond points when you show proof of any current AHF prescriptions.
save lives with we rx
Click the Button Above to Switch to AHF Pharmacy

For employees who are currently using AHF Pharmacy, fill out the form in this link to receive 5,000 Above & beyond points now! If you have questions about WeRx, email them to [email protected]


Gain knowledge, skills, and access to resources

F1RST CLASS events deliver in-depth discussions on topics that impact your work. During F1RST CLASS week, you’ll learn new skills and gain valuable insight to help you navigate your role and better communicate AHF’s mission to clients, customers, and coworkers. 

To attend future F1RST CLASS events, be on the lookout for emails from AHF Inside Scoop announcing upcoming F1RST CLASS sessions. Click on the video to the right to watch highlights from the latest F1RST CLASS event.

To download a guide to giving and receiving feedback from the last F1RST CLASS session, click here.

download the guide

Can you get your team join the cause?

We’re looking for stellar employees to become AHF Ambassadors and rally their peers to participate in local events. Apply for the program if you embody the AHF spirit and love to get your teams involved.

Being an AHF Ambassador means you:

  • Rally your peers to attend AHF Events like Pride, protests, and AIDS Walks.
  • Assist the AHF Events Team by managing staff volunteers and helping with check-in.
  • Boost local events by adding them to our master calendar 

Ambassador benefits include:

  • Payment for each event worked.
  • Exclusive AHF Merch.
  • Lots of A&B point opportunities!

Please let us know if you are interested by filling out this form.