What Exactly is the Rental Affordability Act?

You may have heard that AHF is sponsoring a new ballot measure in California, the Rental Affordability Act. Even if you don’t live in California, we want employees to be in the loop and understand why AHF is taking on high profile advocacy initiatives. The Rental Affordability Act is a California proposition that would expand rent control throughout the state.

Skyrocketing rents are making California unaffordable, pushing families out of their homes and communities, and driving increasing numbers of people into homelessness. We’re taking action to expand rent control throughout the state.

By allowing cities and counties to expand rent control, the Rental Affordability Act would protect families, seniors, and working people from rent increases and evictions. The measure exempts new construction to ensure more affordable housing can be built. And it allows cities to limit rent increases when a new renter moves in.

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