Advocates Won’t Rest until We ‘Vaccinate Our World’!

In another push to prompt world leaders to do more to ‘VOW: Vaccinate Our World,’ AHF advocates have conducted multiple activities over recent weeks. These global activations press G7 and other countries to waive patents on COVID-19 vaccines and bring awareness to the vast disparities between the wealthy nations that are beating the pandemic and hard-hit, lower-income countries with little-to-no access to lifesaving vaccines.

AHF’s Asia and Africa Bureaus have been taking to the virtual airwaves over the past several weeks by organizing press conferences with public health experts and community leaders. Teams in Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia also hand-delivered advocacy materials to G7 representatives in several countries.

In addition to waiving COVID-19 vaccine patents, the ‘Vaccinate Our World’ call-to-action urges world leaders to raise $100 billion – enough to secure and distribute at least 7 billion vaccines within a year. ‘VOW’ also seeks to push countries to donate excess vaccines to nations in need, increase international cooperation to end the pandemic and demand 100% transparency on matters of global public health.

If you haven’t signed the petition to Vaccinate our World, don’t wait! Click here to sign today.