AHF Intranet: AHF at Your Fingertips

Get to know your new AHF homepage. AHF Connect is your new, one-stop-shop intranet portal. Check your email and day’s meetings at a glance, always be in the know about upcoming events, and stay current with the latest advocacy news. Check it out and explore www.ahfconnect.org today!

Scroll down the homepage to view our most recent event and advocacy videos created by the creative media team, and share them with colleagues and your personal networks. See what’s on your work schedule with your Outlook calendar and email front and center. The department’s tab on the website menu categorizes AHF into sections for Admin, HR, Advocacy, Patient-facing, and Global to find our divisions with ease. Each department tab opens its own AHF Connect homepage where you can learn more about that department or be redirected to the department’s website.

On department pages, you can stay updated on department-specific news and even access team members’ contact information. While looking around, make sure to update your employee profile with your headshot. You can also add in your phone number, social handles, and a bio so colleagues can get to know you better and connect with you online. And if that’s not enough good stuff, AHF Connect gives you easy access to important AHF portals like PingOne and Service Now at the bottom menu of the homepage. And just to the right of those links, you’ll find the latest AHFter Hours podcast episodes. Plus, you can revisit AHF First Class sessions. So if you missed Advocacy Week hop on the intranet and hit play. To visit our new intranet portal, go to www.ahfconnect.org and start exploring. And don’t forget to try it on mobile!