‘Corporate Vampires Suck’ Ads Skewer CVS

In response to the growing consolidation and increasingly monopolistic behavior in the pharmacy and health care industries, AHF launched a new advocacy campaign to take on health and pharmacy giant CVS, the sixth-largest corporation in the world over its anti-competitive business model which squeezes many independent and mom-and-pop pharmacies, some to the point of forcing their closure.

CVS is buying up health plans and forcing clients to use their services, harming patients and fragmenting their care in the process. Our clients choose AHF pharmacies because we offer specialty services and care to meet their needs. CVS is cutting patients off from the quality, personalized care that is vital to their treatment.

We need your help to fight back against this corporate greed. At AHF, our patients’ needs come first. Unlike CVS, who puts patient needs AFTER their bottom line. No one should be forced into a plan that doesn’t work for them. Patients are suffering AND small pharmacies are being put out of business. That’s why we need your help to fight back against these “corporate vampires”. Follow the link below to send a quick and easy message to your representative. All you have to do is follow the steps and we’ll do the rest.

We’re encouraging all AHF staff to take up the fight against this corporate giant. Call or send a quick and easy message to your elected representative and tell them to take action on CVS today.