Month-over-month changes—AHF clients & staff— September – October, 2019:

AHF Clients: 

  • As of the November 1, 2019 Global Patient Report, AHF now has 1,310,575 total clients in care.
  • This represents an INCREASE of 2,755 AHF clients or patients worldwide, month-to-month (as of the September 27, 2019 Global Patient Report, up from 1,307,820 in the last ‘Facts’ covering September 2019). This represents an average of 79 new patients per day in June somewhere in AHF’s care around the globe in the 35 days between ‘Facts’ reports.


AHF Staff: 

  • A net increase of 28 AHF employee overall worldwide to 6,660 total AHF employees worldwide, including:
    • An INCREASE of 30 U.S. staff
    • A DECREASE of 3 global staff, and
    • 2,361 other AHF-supported staff in global programs (bucket staff, casuals, etc.)


  • This report also includes a breakout of the 2,850 clients now enrolled in our various Positive Healthcare (PHC &PHP) Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs in California, Florida, and Georgia (page #2 of “Facts”–PHP = Medicare; PHC = Medicaid).




  • One (1) new AHF Healthcare Center opened in the Bronx, New York in the United States in October 2019. Note: An AHF Pharmacy will open soon at this site.
  • We .also celebrated with our AHF affiliate, CALOR (Comprensión y Apoyo a Latinos en Oposición al Retrovirus), the ribbon-cutting and opening of their new Chicago, Illinois offices and service facility in the city’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Services offered will include Ryan White and DRS case management; free HIV prevention and testing; HOPWA Program (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS) as well as linkage to pharmacy and medical services.


  • AHF’s Global program also now operates 677 global AHF clinics, ADDING four (4) new treatment sites in October 2019.




Week of November 1, 2019         
One (1) new global treatment site was ADDED this week:

  • HAITI — Gros Morne – Hospital Alma Mater


Week of October 18, 2019         
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week:

  • MOZAMBIQUE — Matola – Nkobe Health Center
  • ARGENTINA — San Salvador de Jujuy -Jujuy


Week of October 11, 2019         

One (1) new global treatment site was ADDED this week:

  • SOUTH AFRICA — Gauteng – OR Tambo Clinic


In closing, we hope you find “AHF Facts at a Glance” a useful resource.