October 2020 AHF Facts at a Glance– Key Highlights:

OCTOBER 2020 AHF Facts at a Glance– Key Highlights:

Month-over-month changes—AHF clients & staff —SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2020:

AHF Clients: 

  • As of the October 30, 2020 Global Patient Report, AHF now has 1,468,456 total clients in care.
  • This figure represents a slight census DECREASE (down 8,619 AHF clients or patients worldwide), month-to-month since the September 29, 2020 Global Patient Report

AHF Staff: 

  • A net increase of 77 AHF employees overall worldwide to 6,856 total AHF employees worldwide, including:
    • An INCREASE of 36 U.S. staff
    • An INCREASE of 39 global staff, and
    • 2,269 other AHF-supported staff in global programs (bucket staff, casuals, etc.—increase of 2)
  • This report also includes a breakout of the 2,875 clients now enrolled in our various Positive Healthcare (PHC &PHP) Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs in California, Florida and Georgia (page #2 of “Facts”–PHP = Medicare; PHC = Medicaid)



  • In October, AHF acquired Hillcrest Pharmacy in San Diego, California, a well-respected specialty pharmacy provider with three (3) locations and nearly two decades of high-quality customer service to San Diego area communities. Hillcrest is one of the premier specialty pharmacies in California. This brings AHF’s roster of pharmacies to 60 sites located in 14 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC as well as two (2) additional central fill pharmacy sites in California and Florida. Welcome Hillcrest Pharmacy!
  • NO other new domestic U.S. AHF Healthcare Centers, AHF Pharmacies, AHF Wellness or OTC sites opened in October 2020.

  • AHF’s Global program now operates 725 global AHF clinics, ADDING a net of 7 new treatment sites globally while CLOSING 3 sites.


Week of October 30, 2020       
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week:

  • PHILIPPINES — Gweru – AHF LY Center North
  • PANAMA — CGV Clínica TARV Veraguas

Week of October 23, 2020       
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED in RUSSIA; three (3) were CLOSED in CHINA this week:


  • RUSSIA — Almetievsk ART
  • RUSSIA — Petrozavodsk — Karelia ART


  • CHINA — Sichuan – Dujiangyan CDC
  • CHINA — Sichuan – Xichang CDC
  • CHINA — Sichuan – Yuexi People Hospital

Week of October 16, 2020       
One (1) new global treatment sites was ADDED this week in SIERRA LEONE:

  • SIERRA LEONE — Freetown – Cottage Clinic

NOTE: AHF also resumed operations in Carolus Hospital in Indonesia within the week.

Week of October 9, 2020       
Two (2) new global treatment sites were ADDED this week in THAILAND:

  • THAILAND— Meuang – Chaiyaphum Hospital
  • THAILAND— Meuang – Nakornpathom Hospital

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