OTC Celebrates Move with Black Friday Event

Out of the Closet, Hollywood has been planning a move down Sunset to a brand new retail and office space. They successfully moved to their brand new location at the end of November. The new space is larger than the old site and will also be home to internal AHF offices. While it’s bittersweet to see the closing of the old Hollywood location, the new site provides ample parking, storage space, and an updated donations area.

To let the community know about the move, Out of the Closet held a special Black Friday event. They offered 40 percent off the entire store or 50 percent off everything if you brought in a donation. The promotion led to a great turnout of patrons and led to both an increase in sales and donations. With a Santa Claus, egg nog, holiday fare, and community participation in decorating the store, the event generated buzz and goodwill this holiday season. It was the perfect re-introduction to the community for the new, updated site.