Our Last Chance to Save Hollywood

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) calls upon Los Angeles government officials to amend the Hollywood Community Plan. The Hollywood Community Plan, despite its name, does not do much for the Hollywood community. Most importantly, the plan does not go nearly far enough in making Hollywood an affordable place to live.

AHF is committed to fighting for more affordable housing, and through our housing division, Housing is a Human Right, has built a petition to amend the Hollywood Community Plan. Three principal issues are missing from the Hollywood Community Plan that we are asking to include. 

  1. The plan should protect Hollywood from predatory developers. To ensure that large developments in the city serve the community, residents should have a say in every large development proposed for Hollywood. Under the current plan, development is fast-tracked with no community oversight from the residents who occupy the city.
  2. Vacant city-owned property should be used for homeless housing. The housing crisis in Los Angeles is worsening every day, with thousands living on the streets. Meanwhile, countless city-owned properties sit empty. The petition calls upon officials to use vacant city-owned property to house the homeless.
  3. The plan should require a large percentage of low-income housing get developed. Hollywood is brimming with luxury housing, but affordable housing in Hollywood is increasingly challenging to find. The current plan does not initiate mandatory development of affordable housing, but that is what the community desperately needs.

Join us in our fight for affordable housing and sign the petition to stop the Hollywood Community Plan.