AHF Celebrates Women Around the World

March 8th was International Women’s Day, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) teams worldwide held events. This year’s theme was “Women In Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future In a COVID-19 World.” AHF brought awareness through in-person events, virtual events, and a digital campaign featuring female leadership in AHF. 

Advocates worldwide came together to celebrate women’s achievements and brought awareness to the challenges they still face. There was an emphasis on reaching young women and girls through AHF’s “Girls Act!” initiative. 

It is essential to educate and advocate for girls and young women about HIV because they are statistically at high risk. According to UNICEF, there were an estimated 1 million girls between the ages 10-19 living with HIV, which is 35% higher than the estimation of boys of the same age.

International Women’s Day allows AHF to amplify our message and improve the lives of women living with HIV.