Inside the King Edward Hotel

The Healthy Housing Foundation Successfully Leases 160 Rooms in 90 Days.

From the beginning, the Healthy Housing Foundation (HHF) Powered by AHF has been committed to providing safe, affordable rooms for those who need them the most.

With four locations in Los Angeles and counting, HHF set a goal for themselves; let the 160 empty single occupancy rooms in the converted Baltimore and King Edward hotels in 90 days. Why the urgency? The homelessness count in Los Angeles has reached unimaginable highs. Since last year, the amount of Los Angelenos living in tents, vehicles, and shelters has dramatically increased. The total count is now 58,937 homeless individuals living in Los Angeles today.

With 160 rooms to rent, HHF couldn’t stand by and let them remain empty when the need in Los Angeles is so great. The staff at the Healthy Housing Foundation took the deadline and ran with it. They mobilized their contacts and worked night and day to reach their goal in 90 days.

As of this month, the Baltimore and King Edward have both reached maximum capacity. All 160 rooms are full. While HHF can’t provide rooms enough for all of Los Angeles, they’re working diligently to make a meaningful impact on the homelessness crisis in LA and beyond.