We Choose You. Become a Defender of Dignity Today.

The Defenders of Dignity are a volunteer network organized and run by the Housing is a Human Right Initiative.

We’re concerned that the city is using government services to make life uncomfortable for unhoused tenants. We believe LA officials are harassing residents without a home to encourage them to move away.

This tactic is immoral. We’ve made it our mission to find out how the city is using tax dollars to harass people instead of house them. The Defenders of Dignity are documenting these cases so that we can hold the city accountable for their actions.

Our hotline is open 24/7. We’re asking unhoused residents to call or send us a text about sweeps, harassment, or any other kind of negative action taken by the city.

And you can help. We’re looking for volunteers to screen messages from unhoused residents and go on encampment visits to investigate reports of city harassment. If you’re looking for a way to help the homeless and make a difference in your community, please get involved in this initiative. We need passionate people who are willing to stop city-funded harassment once and for all.

Go to www.WHYTAKE.org for more information.