AHF Presents “When You Wear a Condom” Parody

Have you seen the hilarious new parody “When You Wear a Condom” from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)? The parody is a riff on the number When You’re Good To Mama from the Broadway musical Chicago. “When You Wear a Condom” is the latest in our yearly tradition of parodies put out on International Condom Day (ICD).

“When You Wear a Condom” stars Netflix is a Joke’s Flame Monroe and features Rupaul’s Drag Race Season Seven Winner Violet Chachki. The parody is a vaudeville-inspired music video with a modern-day twist. Condoms are the other star of the show, and AHF’s signature Love and Icon condoms are quite literally thrown around the entire video. 


The entirety of “When You Wear a Condom” is packed with comedic innuendo and candid advice on safer sex practices. AHF takes pride in being an inclusive and sex-positive organization. Lyrics like “whips and chains can be good pain ain’t nothing wrong with that” welcome viewers who don’t want to be scolded or preached to but still need education and encouragement when it comes to safer sex.

“When You Wear a Condom” has already wracked in over 100,000 views since its premiere on International Condom Day. By doing away with the conservative approach that so many other public health agencies subscribe to, AHF can make a genuine connection with people who have drowned out sterile public service announcements. That power to connect is the power of AHF and message yielding parodies like “When You Wear a Condom.”

If you haven’t seen the parody, watch it here, and consider sharing it on your social media.