CALOR celebrates 5 Years as an AHF Affiliate

CALOR (Comprensión y Apoyo a Latinos en Oposición al Retrovirus) was founded in 1990 as a grassroots organization in Chicago to support Latinx individuals living with or affected by AIDS, a much-underserved community at that time. In 2017, CALOR became an AHF affiliate and has continued to provide outstanding services in the Chicago area ever since. AHF is proud to celebrate five years of service in partnership with CALOR.

Today, CALOR is a recognized leader in HIV/AIDS support services in the city. CALOR provides individualized and culturally sensitive support for individuals with disabilities and their families, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. A leading service provider for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS, CALOR offers case management, counseling, health education, preventive resources, housing, and other comprehensive services for vulnerable populations throughout the Chicagoland area.

Together, CALOR and AHF expanded their footprint by opening a new facility in Humbolt Park Chicago in 2019. The new facility has been able to offer HIV prevention and testing services as well as quality medical care and related ancillary services for people living with HIV.