Pharmacy Benefit Manipulators? AHF Targets PBM Abuse in New Campaign

In response to growing consolidation and increasingly monopolistic behavior in the pharmacy and health care industries, AHF is launching a new advocacy campaign to take on pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) that are undercutting community pharmacies and driving up drug prices. 

The national campaign aims to raise awareness about PBMs’ undue influence on patients’ access to the prescription drugs they may need and to educate the public and press elected officials to call out and prevent PBM abuses. The campaign also hopes to rein in the abusive industry, which broadly functions as middlemen between insurance companies and pharmacies.

AHF’s ‘Stop PBMs’ campaign will include direct and online community mobilization, legislative outreach, online and print advertising, a website, social media posts and more, all urging greater regulation of these corporate health care middlemen that are driving up drug prices.

“With the launch of our ‘Stop PBMs’ campaign, we hope to encourage community and legislative action and advocacy against these pharmacy and health care monopolies which grow bigger and greedier each passing day,” said John Hassell, National Director of Advocacy for AHF. “In particular, we also want to stop PBMs from hurting Ryan White and small independent pharmacies and their clients.”

Please help us advocate for patient rights. Send a quick and easy message to your local representative and tell them to take action on PBMs and put people over profit!